upcoming workshops

(Probably will be postponed)

March 13-14, 2021

Simplified Binding with Embellished Leather Covers

Jaffe Center for the Book Arts, Boca Raton, Florida


This handsome, thin volume with leather covers offers participants a chance to explore various leather embellishments such as blind panel stamping, cold tooling, and cuir-cisele (cut leather). The decorated leather covers are made entirely off the book and are attached to the text block after they are finished.


Decorative paper will be used for the pages.  Using the two-as-one pamphlet stitch, the sections are sewn to a concertina that has a pocket for a hidden note. A book cloth spine completes the book.


Participants will have an opportunity to explore various decorating techniques on their covers before selecting what works best for their book. All paper, leather, book cloth, and binder’s board are provided. Participants may want to bring their own decorative papers to add creative touches to the books.

(postponed until spring 2021)

Binding the Embellished Page

Hurricane, West Virginia


In this two-day workshop, participants will bind a book of their own previously completed journal pages with the handsome Ethiopian Coptic stitch and Coptic headbands. Prior to the workshop, folded sheets of Arches Text Wove paper will be delivered for the partakers to draw, paint, write, collage, or print on the surfaces. Helpful suggestions for page decoration will come with the folded paper.


During the workshop, the covers will be made of double-thick boards wrapped with textured paper. After a discussion on the different Coptic stitches, people will drill holes in waste boards and practice the Ethiopian Stitch using two needles. This exercise is preparation for the four-needle sewing of their own books. The distinctive Coptic headbands will finish the journal and strengthen the cover-to-text attachment.

upcoming or current exhibitions

January 19 to February 19, 2021

Artifacts at the Start of a Decade: an Exhibition of Artist's Books

Gardiner Gallery, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma


April 9 - 30, 2021 

Narratives - Recent Work by Bonnie Stahlecker

Edington Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana    (1489 North Harding Street)

Reception April 9, 2021  |  6:00 - 9:00 pm

Gallery open on Saturdays 12:00 - 5:00 pm

or by appointment 317 590 6513



Stahlecker’s work is not traditional bookmaking. It goes far beyond that. All books contain words and/or images that attempt to convey knowledge, whether it be in the form of a story, a history or perhaps a theory... This art is about the concept of books. This clever, well-thought-out work expresses thousands of years of man’s evolution in passing information from generation to generation. Each of these sculptures deserves close inspection.

Tom Shafer’s review in the Journal & Courier, November 24, 2011 (reviewing the book-like objects at the “Thread Editions” exhibition at the Lala Gallery, Lafayette, Indiana.)