upcoming workshops

September 29-30, 2018

The Painted Journal

Lettersong, Louisville, Kentucky


A personal journal that has an exposed spine and painted covers. The binding allows the book to open completely flat to any page and has binder's board covers that are transformed with many layers of grazing paint. There will be a recessed niche for a unique shrink-art label made by the participants. The pages are sewn using a French Link stitch over tapes that are laced into the covers. The final touch is a loop and bone clasp closure on the fore edge.




May 18 – 19, 2019

Visible Stitches: Exploring Long Stitch and Buttonhole Stitch Books

Hurricane, West Virginia


This incredible two-day workshop will focus on two binding styles: the Long Stitch and the Buttonhole Stitch. These stitches are a simple yet attractive method of attaching the book sections to the cover though openings in the spine. Participants will make two books, one of each style. Both books will have a supple leather wrapper with fore-edge flap and closures system.    

upcoming or current exhibitions

August 24 – September 28, 2018

Artists Book Cornucopia IX

Art Student League of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Online Catalog at Abecedarian Artists Books


Stahlecker’s work is not traditional bookmaking. It goes far beyond that. All books contain words and/or images that attempt to convey knowledge, whether it be in the form of a story, a history or perhaps a theory... This art is about the concept of books. This clever, well-thought-out work expresses thousands of years of man’s evolution in passing information from generation to generation. Each of these sculptures deserves close inspection.

Tom Shafer’s review in the Journal & Courier, November 24, 2011 (reviewing the book-like objects at the “Thread Editions” exhibition at the Lala Gallery, Lafayette, Indiana.)