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March 7, 2020

The Long and Short of It

Fort Smith, Arkansas


This motivating one-day workshop will utilize two lengths of stitches. The long stitches on the book’s spine will be used to construct the binding and the short stitches on the front cover will create the cover decoration. Participants will have a choice for the cover embellishment. They can generate their own design of leather cut-outs with reinforcing stitches and backed with colored paper. Or they may use a historical lacing pattern called the White Rose found on vellum archival bindings. While those patterns were laced with strips of vellum, this one will be done with colored waxed thread. There will be more cover adornments options shown in the workshop.


The cover is found leather, lined with flax paper. Four ties will be attached to the fore-edge using the three-hole anchorage method. Each person will make one 6 by 4 ½ inch journal. All are welcomed.


Community workshop sponsored by the University of Arkansas. For information on location, times, and registration contact Katie Harper.



July 20 - 24, 2020


Marc Adams School of Woodworking, Franklin, Indiana


The focus of this class will be on building a solid foundation in bookbinding. Students will construct two books that highlight different time periods in the long history of binding books. The first book is a Multi-Tacket journal that has a soft leather cover with a fore-edge flap and a toggle/loop closure arrangement. Students will have an opportunity to individualize their books with leather additions on the spine and flap. They will also make two toggles from glove leather. The second book will be a sewn journal with hardcovers and an exposed spine. The students will learn the process of creating the text block, how to sew the sections using the catch stitch on tapes, and how to cover binder’s board with decorative paper.

During the week, Bonnie will deliver a powerpoint presentation on the history of bookbinding with historical examples from her own collection. This beginning bookbinding class is designed with hands-on instruction, helpful tips, and is open to everyone.


For the full description and how to sign up, check this link.

The 2020 catalog will be available November 1, 2019 on the website of the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. 

upcoming or current exhibitions


April 10 - May 5, 2020

Solo Show - Recent Work by Bonnie Stahlecker

Edington Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana

1489 North Harding Street



Stahlecker’s work is not traditional bookmaking. It goes far beyond that. All books contain words and/or images that attempt to convey knowledge, whether it be in the form of a story, a history or perhaps a theory... This art is about the concept of books. This clever, well-thought-out work expresses thousands of years of man’s evolution in passing information from generation to generation. Each of these sculptures deserves close inspection.

Tom Shafer’s review in the Journal & Courier, November 24, 2011 (reviewing the book-like objects at the “Thread Editions” exhibition at the Lala Gallery, Lafayette, Indiana.)