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March 10-11, 2018

Embossed Leather Journals

with Secondary Tackets

Santa Fe Book Arts Group, Santa Fe, New Mexico 


This workshop will focus on using leather as an expressionistic material for bookbinding by way of embossment. Leather has long since been employed as a covering material for books and its adaptability makes it ideal for this purpose. To take advantage of the tactile nature of the embossment, the instructor designed this elegant book structure using historical methods.


Participants will first cut a linocut of their own contemporary design that will be used as the embossing plate. Dampened goat leather, in a choice of colors, will be embossed with an etching press. After the leather is dry it will be enhanced with painting and other surface treatments before being formed into a semi-limp wrapper. The text block, sewn using the French link stitch, has a lined spine and over-sewn leather headbands. It is secured to the wrapper with secondary tackets. Other ways to make embossing plates will be discussed along with sources for the materials used.    

April 21-22, 2018

Byzantine Sewing with Leather Covered Boards    

Cincinnati Book Arts Society, Cincinnati, Ohio 


This historical book structure features a handsome sewing pattern, which forms a thick chain across the spine of the book. The covers will exhibit an artistic design with decoration techniques freely borrowed from the Late Coptic period. These techniques include vellum lacing, inlays and blind tooling, all of which are done prior to adhering the leather to wooden boards. Participants will first experiment with the techniques before using them on their own designs. To finish the book, a slit braid leather strap with fore-edge peg will be attached. 

May 19-20, 2018

Saddle Binding

Hollander's, Ann Arbor, Michigan


The name of this unique binding comes from the leather, a saddle-like piece, which straddles the spine. The binding method permits the sewing thread and tapes to be exposed, while the rest of the spine is protected. The sections are sewn with an attractive double herringbone stitch over decorative tapes. 

Students can bring or purchase their own decorative papers for the covers.  A bone and loop closure system will complete the journal.  


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Stahlecker’s work is not traditional bookmaking. It goes far beyond that. All books contain words and/or images that attempt to convey knowledge, whether it be in the form of a story, a history or perhaps a theory... This art is about the concept of books. This clever, well-thought-out work expresses thousands of years of man’s evolution in passing information from generation to generation. Each of these sculptures deserves close inspection.

Tom Shafer’s review in the Journal & Courier, November 24, 2011 (reviewing the book-like objects at the “Thread Editions” exhibition at the Lala Gallery, Lafayette, Indiana.)