samples of bookbinding workshops

Saddle Bindings

two days

Make unique journals using the Saddle Binding technique. The name saddle binding comes from the saddle-like pieces that straddled the spine. This binding method allows the sewing thread and tapes to be exposed while the rest of the spine is protected and the covers are securely fastened to the book block. The sections are sewn with a Double Herringbone Stitch over cloth tapes and the book block’s spine is paper lined.  A bone and loop closure system will complete the journal. 

Embossed Leather Journals

two days


Participants in this workshop have the opportunity to make embossed and painted leather covers of their own design. After using linocuts to emboss the leather, the design is further enhance with painting and other surface treatments. The sewn text block is secured to the leather wrapper with secondary tackets.

Site requirements: intaglio press





Little Fat Books on Double Raised Cords

three days


This workshop concentrates on chunky little books which utilize many of the techniques employed to make books in the fifteenth-century. The books have packed sewing on double raised cords, sewn headbands, and quarter-bound leather. A fore-edge clasp completes the book. (Prior book sewing experience is required.)





The Painted Journal

two days


Construct a personal journal that showcases painted covers made with a special glazing technique over binder’s board. The pages are sewn through a concertina guard using a French Link stitch over tapes, which are slotted into the covers. The exposed spine allows for the book to open flat to any page. The final touch is a loop and bone clasp closure on the fore edge.




Think Big, Work Small

two days


Create remarkable miniature books that change from two- to three-dimensional by using folded pop-up structures. This workshop will focus on the various mechanics for making the pop-up and after learning the basics, participants will make three or more books that utilize the dimensional format.


The Long and Short of It

one day


This motivating one-day workshop will utilize two lengths of stitches. The long stitches on the book’s spine will be used to construct the binding and the short stitches on the front cover will create the cover decoration. Participants will have a choice for the cover embellishment. They can generate their own design of leather cut-outs with reinforcing stitches and backed with colored paper. Or they may use a historical lacing pattern called the White Rose found on vellum archival bindings.